International Montessori Kindergarten in Belgrade

"Give me the point of support - and I will hold the Space"

In a very short period of early childhood, we have an excellent chance to give the child a foundation for future interaction with the world.

The main principles of our center are:

- Attitude to the little person as a person

- Creating a diverse environment for identifying and developing precisely his abilities

- Humanistic philosophy and values

We aspire to give a young person a SUPPORT POINT in a complex world, to find it within himself - only then the situation will be stable.

Such an internal fulcrum helps the child explore the world with joy, make discoveries, transform the world, become a happy, free and self-sufficient person.


"Help me do it myself".

From one and a half to six years is the period when the child wants to do everything himself. And this is a great initiative: we understand the process of growing up as a consequence of the path to independence - from the first step to choosing a profession.

Our task is to create safe conditions for the independent life of the child in accordance with his purpose of development at any given time.

Teaching in our classes is conducted by professional Montessori teachers.

In addition to a well-thought-out diverse environment, an important feature of the method is timely development. Not earlier development, namely timely. Only when the child is ready for new knowledge, it will be accepted with joy - and therefore as efficiently as possible.

Our teachers observe the little person and realize his pace. Every child has an itinerary in a Montessori environment.

Here the child gains self-confidence.

Sеsafety, self-control, aesthetics
The Montessori environment is organized in such a way that it meets the needs of the child. First of all, it is important that all items correspond to the growth of the child. Everything in the classroom is at the level of his eyes and hands, and has a convenient size.

The materials in the zones are organized in such a way that the child grows up in a specially prepared environment and in three years goes from the simplest materials to the most complex ones.
Practical Life Zone
Here the child learns to take care of himself and use household items.

The kid becomes even more independent, his self-esteem increases.
Sensory Development Zone
Here the child's feelings develop and refine. The shape, size, smell here can be explored through your feelings.

It is important that sensorics provides the basis for the formation of mathematical representations.
Math Zone
In this zone, acquaintance with quantity, numbers and numbers takes place.
Here, children learn how to perform basic arithmetic operations.
It is important that in a group of different ages, kids first watch how older children work with complex beautiful materials, forming an internal interest.
When they are ready, they will try to do it themselves.
Language zone
We learn to distinguish sounds, make words and sentences from them.

Your child will get acquainted with the letters, learn to write, and then move on to learning to read.
Zone of knowledge about the world
We study the laws of physics, astronomy, plants and animals, continents and climatic zones, works of art and much, much more, interesting for little discoverers.
The group in our kindergarten is mixed-age.

Children from 3 to 6 years of age develop together.
They interact with each other, learn to ask for help, to help when asked, to be responsible for their actions.
This is where their emotional intelligence develops.
On the one hand, they gain independence, and on the other hand, they are always part of the team.

Starting from September 2022, they will start working:
group 3-6 years old - from 8 am to 5 pm
group 3-6 years old - from 9 am to 6 pm
group 1.5-3 years - from 9 to 16 hours.

In each group 20-23 people, 1 Russian Montessori teacher, 1 English-speaking assistant and 1 teacher (Serbia).
Full day groups will work according to the schedule:

• Breakfast
• Free work in class – 3 hours. This is the most important and productive part of the day. It is led by a Montessori teacher (team leader) and a Montessori assistant.
• Lunch - the children themselves set the tables, lay the food and clean the dishes.
• Walk
• Dream
• Snack
• Time for play and socializing. With the children there is a teacher and another of the teachers
• Additional classes with visiting teachers: yoga, music, art, free play, theater.
• Walk

The first lessons, one or more, are held individually, without a group.

Here the child gets acquainted with the teachers and the room in a calm and comfortable environment.

A little later, the children are ready for classes in mini-groups.

After individual lessons, together we will understand how to comfortably adapt the child to a full day.

Often the child is ready to stay for half a day already in the first week, sometimes a little more time is needed - the gradual entry of the child into the class is important.


In addition, in our kindergarten, we plan to organize classes not only for the child, but also for his/her family:

  • educational meetings of parents and teachers,

  • joint weekend workshops,

  • New Year's performances

  • and other joint activities
"The Spaceholders" comes from
St. Petersburg

Organizers and teachers:
Anastasia Zhemchugova
Project Manager,
director of a kindergarten in Belgrade,
Montessori teacher, leading theatrical classes.
Experience in the St. Petersburg Montessori School Mikhailova,
Mary Ellen Monz teacher training
pedagogical Montessori course 3-6.
Alena Semenycheva
project organizer,
curator of the Montessori environment. Teacher, director of the school "Polyhedron" and the kindergarten "Polyhedron Kids" (St. Petersburg).

Olga Chubarkova
Methodist. AMI teacher, head of the stage at the Polyhedron school.
Tatiana Brykova
Montessori teacher, group leader 3-6, psychologist.
Graduated from the MIPM, the UNMA Academy of Psychology with honors. More than 12 years she worked in Montessori organizations in Moscow.
We work in cooperation with the Serbian State Education System and have a license to operate a kindergarten.
License 022-05-132/2016-07 08/10/2016
Predškolska Ustanova Smajli PIB 109720174

In a separate two-story building with large windows and high ceilings, we create cozy classrooms with a developing environment.

We have our own kitchen and private lawn.

We are located at:

Belgrade, Prve pruge 9c.

Group 3-6 years old - 400 euros per month
Group 1.5-3 years - 450 euros per month


for the second child in the family - 10%

for the third child in the family - 15%

(discounts are not cumulative, the largest discount is given to the smaller group price)

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